Extensive Accounts Receivables Management Services

Whatever your particular needs might be, Sunrise Credit Services has the experience, personnel and technological resources to meet them, from the smallest project to complete, turnkey solutions. After more than 35 years of operation under the same management, we have a depth of knowledge that has made Sunrise Credit Services an industry leader, and capable of providing exceptional services and programs for:

  • Third Party Accounts Receivable Management
  • Early Out/Cure
  • Account Receivables Billing
  • Skip Tracing
  • Over-the-limit Courtesy Calls and Friendly Reminder (through our sister company NetTel USA)
  • Credit Investigations (Authorized credit report reseller)
  • National Attorney Network

In short, we have everything necessary to bring you through the most turbulent times. Come to Sunrise, meet our people, and visit our University. Get the type of performance you deserve. Sunrise Credit Services is The Right Choice!

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A Leader in Credit Investigation

Sunrise Credit Services, Inc. is one of the nation's leading providers of credit reports and diversified real estate products and services. Through the years, our company has gained momentum and stature by establishing a reputation for superior service, integrity and stability. Sunrise Credit Services has been working in conjunction with the mortgage industry for over 17 years and is one of the country's most highly regarded credit agencies. We offer a variety of products to meet the ever-changing needs of the mortgage industry, as well as provide various avenues to receive credit reports.

At Sunrise, we are very committed to the mortgage industry. We take an active role with mortgage-based organizations such as the Mortgage Brokers Association at a national and local level. This involvement keeps us in tune with the industry and all of the compliance requirements. Sunrise Credit Services complies with all applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations including the FCRA, Banking regulations and National Credit Bureau standards and rules that govern our industry.

Through our partnership with Synergistic Software Systems and Acranet we are able to provide customers with the nations' most responsive, diversified and integrated web based technology platform. Along with convenient integration with your lender's Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and internal processing systems, Sunrise will add efficiency to your institution.

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