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   Where is my SCS Account Number?

We are going green by sending you less paper mail. Why paperless? Your information gets to you faster, you get less mail clutter, and it won’t get lost in that gap between the coffee table and the sofa. It is also more secure. We guard your e-mail communication by password protecting each PDF we send to you. Please note: you will need a PDF reader to access the e-mails we send you.

You will still receive some paper mail. The law mandates that some communications must be in writing. And, we still have some documents which aren’t part of our e-mail program, although we are well on the way to converting all of them. E-mails from us will come from customerservice@scspmts.com. Please add it to your safe senders list so it doesn’t get marked as junk mail.

By opting-in, you are agreeing to allow us to make e-mail the primary contact method. You may opt-out at any time.

WARNING! This web site is only available for the person to whom it is intended. If you are not authorized, please go no further. We may monitor and audit the usage of this system; all persons are hereby notified that the use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing.

You can generally find your account number in the heading of any letter we send you.
Questions? (800) 645-9824

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