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Sunrise Partners with Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) and Helen Keller Services For The Blind (HKSB) to provide customer service workshop

As many of you may know, HKNC and HKSB have partnered with The Sunrise Family of Companies to host a customer service workshop once a month!

This General Customer Service Training Program is for any and all current or former HKNC/HKSB participants. (In a collaboration between HKNC/HKSB and a valued community employer partner, The Sunrise Family of Companies a general customer service training program has been established.)

It does “take a village” as we have learned from Dawn S. and Elizabeth V. from The Sunrise Family of Companies. They have volunteered their time and expertise over the past year to collaborate on building a program for all HKNC/HKSB participants. Dawn S. and Elizabeth V. have worked closely with HKSB’s Karen Barrett, Employment Services Director and HKNC’s Joseph Melillo, National Employment & Business Relations Specialist, Elaina Carman, Employment Services Coordinator NY CSP and Nancy Carazo, Placement Specialist, NY CSP, to develop, coordinate and deliver the program.

The Sunrise Family of Companies is widely recognized as one of the most progressive companies on Long Island for having an inclusive and diverse workforce. They believe everyone is “differently-abled” and provides their own unique perspective and talents to the workplace. We have successfully run three rounds of the customer service training workshop. This training covers various kinds of customer service topics from in person to remote settings.

Dawn S. and Elizabeth V. provide a dynamic and engaging workshop, along with the HKS Employment Team! Don’t Miss out on this fun, exciting, and educational opportunity!

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